The Future of Art BMW e Artsy

Il gruppo BMW in questi ultimi tempi si è proposto nella realtà dell'arte contemporanea con un importante evento realizzato con Art Basel, ora prende avvio una nuova collaborazione con il noto sito Artsy sull'interessante tema del "Futuro dell'arte". 


BMW and Artsy join forces to collaborate on promoting the arts on a global scale. The beginning of their cooperation is The Future of Art, a series of short videos. Launched in 2017, each film features a creative opinion leader speaking on the future of artistic output and innovation in the arts. The first two films featured Trevor Paglen and Elizabeth Diller. As of today, the third short video of Marcel Dzama is available online continuing the series. Beyond the film series BMW and Artsy are planning to develop new digital ideas for the art world.

With BMW at the forefront of technological innovation and digital leadership when it comes to its core business, Artsy is a natural partner in the cultural realm. For the past fifty years, BMW has been involved in hundreds of cultural initiatives worldwide. Both Artsy and BMW are now putting their heads, know-how and network together to create meaningful platforms for contemporary art in the future.

What does the future of art look like? How will the role of art evolve in an increasingly digital, global, and image-saturated world? Both, the film series and future projects to come, will deal with this questions. As for now the series of films, each featuring one creator’s unique vision, Artsy explores where artistic output is headed. Reflecting on the role of tradition in an age of rapid technological advancement, the potential impact of new work – from intimate drawings to cutting-edge buildings – on the audience of the future is discussed by the artist Trevor Paglen, the architect Elizabeth Diller and the painter, draughtsman and filmmaker Marcel Dzama.

Sebastian Cwilich, Co-founder, president and COO Artsy:

“There is natural synergy between Artsy and BMW. As a pioneer in technology and design and a longtime supporter of the arts, BMW is the perfect partner for Artsy as we push forward the conversation around art and culture and together bring the stories of creative visionaries to life. We look forward to expanding our relationship and continuing to innovate at the intersection of art and technology.”

Jörg Reimann, Head of BMW International Brand Experience:
“We believe in empowering innovation and aesthetics, creating unique and immersive experiences in everything we thrive in. As a cultured brand, BMW’s long-term partnership with Artsy creates a strong bond with one of the greatest entity’s thriving audaciously in today’s art world.”

Trevor Paglen
In his artistic work, Trevor Paglen focuses on cutting-edge technology, yet he imagines the future of art to remain firmly rooted in forms of the past. Working with the Nevada Museum of Art for the launch of Orbital Reflector, Paglen pictured a satellite that will be visible from Earth and is intended to encourage a healthier relationship between humans and their environments.

Elizabeth Diller
The boundary-pushing architect whose interdisciplinary design studio Diller Scofidio&Renfro is known for groundbreaking projects that repurpose unconventional materials and play with space, presents her future of art in the second film. Diller contemplates on how buildings can transcend time by design, while accommodating the continuous evolution of the activities and art forms that will exist within them.

Marcel Dzama
Painter, draughtsman, and filmmaker Marcel Dzama is known for his fantastical, Surrealist-influenced ink and watercolor drawings of hybrid characters. Inside his whimsical Brooklyn studio, Dzama describes the tension between artists who embrace and those who reject new technologies in their work. He also communicates a desire for humanity to slow down in an age when information comes at us with ever-quickening pace.

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