A Sergey Kasich il premio Garage/BMW : Art/Tech Grant

Oggi è stato assegnato il premio Garage/BMW : Art/Tech Grant ideato dalla collaborazione fra  BMW Group Russia e Garage Museum of Contemporary Art all'artista Sergey Kasich 


Moscow. Sergey Kasich is the first recipient of the joint “Garage/BMW : Art/Tech Grant” program by BMW Group Russia and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art which was announced this Tuesday. The grant program is aimed at supporting individual and collective art projects in the field of IT, engineering and science art. Over the period of one year year, Sergey Kasich will receive a monthly scholarship and will be able to implement his art project "Spaces of Silence". The artist will also be able to consult with BMW designers and engineers on the realization of his project and visit BMW Headquarters, BMW Museum, BMW Welt and other relevant locations.

Sergey Kasich’s project “Spaces of Silence”
Every year, the acoustic environment of modern cities is becoming noisier. A number of countries already have legislation in place to protect the sense of hearing of its population, but these standards are not always met. It is scientifically proven that overabundance of auditory stimuli can adversely affect the mental and even physical health of living beings. Similar to programs that protect urban architecture, Sergey Kasich proposes to preserve silence with the help of a hybrid public art project that combines modern parametric architecture, digital design, sound art, experimental acoustics as well as work with urban data and research in the field of materials.

The project involves measuring the noise level in a city, zoning of noise environments, the detection of relatively quiet areas of open space and the creation of special structures in selected locations made of noise-absorbing screens equipped with echo surfaces on the inside. The design is set to solve a contradictory task: creating a space protected from the noise inside and outside, while leaving it as open as possible. Places of silence are preserved and become even quieter, creating unique environments for the visitor to experience sound in unexpected ways.

Stefan Teuchert, President of BMW Group Russia, said about the partnership: "With BMW at the forefront of technological innovation and digital leadership when it comes to its core business, Garage is a natural partner when it comes to exploring art and technology. For the past fifty years, BMW has been involved in hundreds of cultural initiatives worldwide. Both Garage and BMW are now putting their heads, know-how and networks together to create meaningful platforms for contemporary art in the future. As a cultured brand, we believe in empowering innovation and aesthetics, creating unique and immersive experiences in everything we do. BMW's long-term partnership with Garage, thus, creates a strong bond with one of the great international hubs for the arts of today and tomorrow."

BMW Group’s partnership with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 
BMW Group Russia and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art have launched their long-term cooperation in 2017. With this partnership, the BMW Group aims at making art and culture more accessible and, in particular, supporting contemporary art in Russia.

Recognizing the need for institutional support of culture and art in Russia, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art founded the first grant program for emerging artists in 2012. This program is still the only one of its kind in the country. Recipients of the grant work in various areas of contemporary art: video art, photography, performance, painting, street art. BMW Group Russia concentrates its efforts mainly on the recently included Art and Technology section, which supports emerging artists and artist groups working with information and engineering technologies as well as in the field of science art. Offering emerging artists a period of financial independence, the Art/Tech Grant allows them to become more deeply engaged in creative activities, to grow professionally and to conduct research. The recipient will also be invited to take part in BMW Group’s and Garage’s activities and will have the opportunity to travel to Munich together with the curator of the program to visit well-known museums, including the BMW Museum.

The cooperation of both parties extends beyond the grant program. The BMW Group has amongst others supported the exhibition “Under the Radiation Falls”, presenting the work of Takashi Murakami, and the PERFORM film festival in 2017. In addition to that, BMW Group Russia has launched the children's educational project BMW Junior Campus on the Arts Square in front of the museum. Young visitors of the Museum and the Gorky Park can learn about safe and responsible behavior on the road in short, entertaining workshops.

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