Geometrie islamiche

Il web è una fonte di fantastiche proposte culturali, fra le ultime che ho scoperto questa del  Patternin Islamic Art, una grande raccolta di fotografie di pattern geometrici. 


All of the images available here are drawn from the rich heritage of architectural decoration in the Islamic world, a subject that has long fascinated me. The bulk of the images derive from my own photo-archive, the fruits of a whole series of trips to different parts of the Islamic world, together with my own drawings and analyses of Islamic patterns taken from various publications. This collection is augmented with a selection of earlier printed material dealing with the same subject.

I feel that this marvellous artistic tradition deserves to be better known and that it has a great deal to offer, not only to art-historians and other specialists, but to designers and lovers of art and beauty everywhere. At their best these images express a refined and even sublime aesthetic sensibility, but they always remain perfectly accessible. Because of this they seem to me to offer a particularly appropriate antidote to the fears and suspicions that may have been induced by recent notions of a ‘clash of civilisations’. The need to express and appreciate Beauty, through Art, is surely a universal human response.