DB / Palais Populaire a Berlino

 A Berlino l’autunno inizia con l’apertura del Palais Populaire, una nuova realtà culturale voluta dalla Deutsche Bank, che aprirà il prossimo 27 Settembre con la mostra “il mondo della carta” con 300 opere provenienti dalla vasta collezione della banca, una delle più grandi al mondo.


Deutsche Bank is opening the PalaisPopulaire on September 27 in Berlin

In the heart of Berlin, at Unter den Linden Boulevard 5, Deutsche Bank is creating a vibrant, inspiring, unique space for dialog and encounters with art, culture, and sports: the PalaisPopulaire. Located in the historic Prinzessinnenpalais, the PalaisPopulaire opens on September 27, 2018, drawing visitors and guests from around the world.

Thorsten Strauss, the head of Deutsche Bank’s Art, Culture & Sports unit, says: “The name PalaisPopulaire is programmatic. It stands for a place that is contemporary and open, offering an exciting mixture of art, culture, and sports. The PalaisPopulaire stands for the fundamental goals that Deutsche Bank has pursued with its cultural commitment for decades: creating access for everyone, recognizing and promoting talent, and thus making a positive impact.”

The PalaisPopulaire is directed by Svenja von Reichenbach, who since 1997 has been responsible for Deutsche Bank’s Berlin exhibitions and from 2013 until recently was the director of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. The wide-ranging program will include presentations from the Deutsche Bank Collection, changing art exhibitions, as well as concerts, readings, and events focusing on sports topics and new digital formats. Says von Reichenbach: “We view ourselves an open house that thrives on impulses from its visitors.”

Encompassing more than 750 square meters, the PalaisPopulaire expands the bank’s art exhibition space threefold. “With it, the Deutsche Bank Collection is now truly public. And we have more space for partnerships with renowned cultural installations,” says Friedhelm Hütte, who is responsible for the bank’s worldwide art program and the curator of the opening exhibition.

The PalaisPopulaire opens at the end of September with an interesting framework program comprising topics from all three areas. At the center is the exhibition The World On Paper with around 300 highlights and new discoveries from the Deutsche Bank Collection. Since the late 1970s, the collection has focused on works on paper. Today, it boasts one of the most important collections of contemporary art on paper and photography. “The World On Paper gives new insights into the incredible variety, history, and internationality of this extraordinary collection,” says Hütte.

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