Da aste a gallerie...

Ho appena fatto un salto a questa mostra che pare il pandan di quella dell'ICA da Selfridges Hotel 1 Orchanrd Street.

Si tratta di  "When Britan Went Pop - British pop art: the early years" realizzata nei nuovi locali di Christie’s in New Bond Street 103 realizzata con la Galleria Custot, mentre ha aperto da pochi giorni lo spazio S/2 Gallery in George Street con opere di J.Beyus, realtà gestita da Sotheby’s.

Poi  nelle giornate dal 17 al 19 Ottobre presso le due case d'aste ci sono le Italian Sales.

Comunicato stampa When Britan Went Pop - British pop art: the early years

In October 2013 Christie’s, in association with Waddington Custot Galleries, will stage When Britain Went Pop, an exhibition exploring the early revolutionary years of the British Pop Art movement, which will launch Christie's new gallery space in Mayfair. This is the first comprehensive exhibition of British Pop Art to be held in London. When Britain Went Pop aims to show how Pop Art began in Britain and how British artists like Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake, David Hockney, Allen Jones and Patrick Caulfield irrevocably shifted the boundaries between popular culture and fine art, leaving a legacy both in Britain and abroad.

British Pop Art was last explored in depth in the UK in 1991 as part of the Royal Academy’s survey exhibition of International Pop Art. This exhibition seeks to bring a fresh engagement with an influential movement long celebrated by collectors and museums alike, but many of whose artists have been overlooked in recent years.

Comunicato stampa Joseph Beuys Revealed
This October, Sotheby’s is delighted to announce the inauguration of S|2 London, a new and permanent gallery devoted to selling exhibitions of Contemporary Art in St. George Street, Mayfair. Housed in a David Kohn Architects-designed space, S|2 London will organise five exhibitions per year, curated by Sotheby’s specialists and guest curators. Opening this programme is Joseph Beuys Revealed, an exhibition of twelve early works on paper and an important sculpture from a single owner collection. Reuniting pieces from between 1947 and 1966, the period when Beuys established his international reputation, Joseph Beuys Revealed shows the foundational importance of drawing to his practice. A cohesive display of his defining subjects: animals, landscapes and the female figure, this exhibition manifests the complex philosophies underpinning the oeuvre of a towering figure in 20th-century art.

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