Prove di Carisma, Manuele Cerutti a Berlino

L'artista Manuele Cerutti espone fino al 13 Febbraio alla galleria 401 Contemporary di Berlino. 

Manuele Cerutti: "In PROVE DI CARISMA I continue my research on the subjectivity of objects, which is currently a central concern of my work. This subjectivity of objects is expressed not only by the implementation of a vocabulary of postures and behaviours, but by the development of a charismatic aura. This charismatic aura can be read as a negation of the traditional hierarchy between subjects and objects.

In the first room of the exhibition, Prove di carisma, three works demonstrate a fully developed charismatic attitude; other works show the phases of the beginning and the end, the formation and extinction.

The second room presents the crowd; the indispensable counterpart in the charismatic adventure. Charisma is not solely the result of its own agency but relies on the acceptance and support of its audience.

Finally, in the third room, the rest of the world is represented; self-standing characters unaffected by the charismatic aura."

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