Conversazioni d'arte

Molto interessante il progetto sull'archivio della Whitechapel a cui è affiancato quello di Marysia Lewandowska sulla condizione femminile. 

Artists’ interviews are seen as an important platform for the interpretation of artists’ ideas and their communication to a wider public.
Stylistically they vary from snappy press interview to profound conversations between art historians and artists. Conducted in various formats and mediums such as email, radio, recordings, publications, they are frequently conceived in a performative way and are art works in their own right.
This display delves into archives at the Whitechapel Gallery to enable visitors to hear, see and read artists in their own words.
The exhibition also looks at artists’ approaches to interviewing as an integral part of their work, with contributions from Marysia Lewandowska’s Women’s Audio Archive and others.
Highlights include art director and curator Bryan Robertson’s dialogue with US artist Robert Rauschenberg on the occasion of his 1964 Whitechapel Gallery exhibition, and audio recordings of talks given by German artist Rosemarie Trockel and American minimalist Carl Andre.

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