Dopo la fase pilota di successo nel 2013, quest'anno tutto funziona perfettamente per questo progetto che invade la città nei suoi spazi quotidiani. 


After the successful pilot phase with video artists from Basel in 2013, this year video artists from throughout the whole of Switzerland are being showcased in shop windows, lobbies and entrance halls of businesses and cultural institutions in Basel city centre. Experts from different regions of Switzerland – Carola Ertle + Günther Ketterer, Daniel Hauser, Jérôme Leuba und Boris Magrini – have suggested their favourites, which are now integrated in the appropriate spaces following consultation between Andrea Domesle, Laura Schuppli and the respective businesses.
The works of video art were chosen in such a way as to generate a relationship between them and their location. The images comment upon the contents of the location and create visual connections with the surroundings. Thanks to art, the familiar world of everyday life can be seen in a new way. At the same time, this everyday world presents unexpected points of friction for the pieces, lends more weight to the artistic statements or enables new approaches. Life, interwoven with the artistic imagination, is reflected in the video monitors, is integral to the reception of the works of art, and so allows new and up-to-date interpretations.

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