Forse a Documenta 14

Alcuni giorni fa il magazine "South as a State of Mind" ha pubblicato questa lista di nomi probabili per la prossima Documenta 14, li riportiamo per il piacere del pettegolezzo artistico. 

Abounaddara A collective of Syrian self-taught and volunteer filmmakers.

Nairy Baghramian * 1971 Isfahan, Iran; lives in Berlin.

Ross Birrell * 1969. Artist, filmmaker, writer, and lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art.

Lucius & Annemarie Burckhardt Lucius Burckhardt: 1925 - 2003 Switzerland. Teached at the University Kassel 1972-1997.

Miriam Cahn * 1949 Basel; lives there and in Bergell, Switzerland.

Ciudad Abierta Chile, architects; work in Kassel with students.

Manthia Diawara * 1953 Mali; lives in New York. Writer, filmmaker, cultural theorist, scholar, art historian.

Hiwa K * 1975 Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq; lives in Berlin. Has been awarded with the Arnold–Bode-Prize 2016 of the documenta-City Kassel (more about)

Satch Hoyt * 1957 London; lives in Berlin. Artist, composer, musician.

Angela Melitopoulos Artist/researcher in the time based arts.

Gernot Minke * 1937 Rostock, Germany. 1974 - 2011 Professor at the University Kassel.

Marta Minujín * 1943 Buenos Aires, lives there. On Friedrichsplatz in Kassel will be presented her huge installation The Parthenon of Books (more information).

Mari Narimane French-Algerian film producer and editor.

Emeka Ogboh * 1977 Nigeria; lives in Lagos and Berlin. Sound and video art.

Ben Patterson * 1934 Pittsburgh, USA; + 2016 Wiesbaden, Germany. Musician, artist, and one of the founders of the Fluxus movement.

Ben Russell * 1976, USA. Media artist and curator.

Wang Bing * 1967 Xi’an, China. Film director, an important figure in documentary film-making.

Lois Weinberger * 1947 Stams, Austria; lives in Vienna and Gars am Kamp, Lower Austria.

 Maria Thereza Alves * 1961 São Paulo; based in Berlin. Participated
Rasheed Araeen * 1935 Karachi, Pakistan; lives in London. At d14 he will show his project Food for Thought
Stefan Benchoam * 1983 Guatemala City, lives there. Artist and curator.

María Magdalena Campos-Pons * 1959 Matanzas, Cuba; lives in Boston, USA.

Mariana Castillo Deball * 1975 Mexico City; lives in Berlin. 

Moyra Davey * 1958 Toronto, Canada; lives in New York. Photographer, filmmaker, and writer.

Maria Eichhorn * 1962 Bamberg, Germany; lives in Berlin.

Fouad Elkoury * 1952 Paris, France. Lebanese photographer and filmmaker.

Peter Friedl * 1960 Oberneukirchen, Austria; lives in Berlin.

Regina José Galindo * 1974 in Guatemala City, lives there.

Daniel García Andújar * 1966 Almoradí, Spain; lives in Barcelona. Visual media artist, activist and art theorist.

Gauri Gill * 1970, lives in New Delhi; photographer.

Hans Haacke * 1936 Cologne, Germany; lives in New York.

John Hejduk 1929 - 2000, architect, artist and educator of Czech origin, was dean of architecture at the Cooper Union in New York.

Gordon Hookey * 1961 Cloncurry, Australia. Belongs to the Waanyi people, a member of the Brisbane-based Aboriginal arts group proppaNOW.

Tshibumba Kanda Matulu 1947 - 1981. Painter from Lubumbashi (former Zaire).

Christos Karakepelis * 1962 Serres, Greece. Filmmaker.

Tina Modotti 1896 - 1942. Italian photographer, actress, model, and revolutionary political activist. 

Naeem Mohaiemen * 1969 London. Writer and visual artist. Is producing two films for documenta 14.

Synnøve Persen * 1950 Porsanger, Finnmark. Sámi poet and visual artist.

Pope.L * 1955 Newark, USA. Visual and performance-theater artist and educator.

Roee Rosen * 1963 Rehovot, Israel. Multidisciplinary artist, writer and filmmaker.

Lala Rukh * 1948 Lahore, Pakistan; lives there. Artist, feminist activist, and educator.

Rajesh Chaitya Vangad A traditional Warli artist, based in Dahanu, in the Thane district, Maharashtra, India.

Yorgos Vassiliou Makris 1923 - 1968, a Greek Surrealist poet and artist, "an obscure personality on the margins of the Athens artistic scene".

Cecilia Vicuña * 1948 Santiago de Chile; lives in New York. Poet, artist, filmmaker, and activist.

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