Sozyone Gonzalez alla Galo Gallery

Colpisce il bel segno leggero ma incisivo di Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez proposto alla Galo Gallery di Torino, fino al 9 Aprile,  che sa poi elaborare in intensi quadri cromatici. 


Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez has worked on the line, the shape and the rhythm for over 25 years. Raised with the joy and sense of humor of a loud pack, in a proud spanish family of modest backgrounds fleeing the dictatorship of Franco, Sozyone very quickly feels free to think and do whatever he wants, where he wants in his hometown, Brussels. In 1988 at the age of 15, Sozyone meets his artistic partner Smimooz, together they'll start by tagging everything and anything, whilst writing the first rimes and lyrics of what would become the Hip Hop band De Puta Madre. Within a few years he becomes a reference in the whole belgian kingdom for his music, his texts and his paintings. In 2004, Sozyone makes the jump into galleries presenting 'One Million Murders' (Alice Gallery). Between 2003 and 2013 he concentrates on one concept only : 'La oyoucratie' (the Gangstacracy), portraying the most beautiful specimen of the 'milieu'; the french anarchists in bicycle or in Bmw's, the german terrorists of the 70's, the old-cats on Marseille' docks, the red spaniards, the street gangs of New York, the thief in white gloves of Place Vendôme... A romanticized universe 

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