Julio le Parc + Hermes

Un mondo colorato per l'estate non poteva che essere di questo celebre artista, Julio Le Parc, che il gruppo Hermès coinvolge per realizzare una serie dei suoi celebri carres, che saranno esposti dal 16 al 28 Giugno al Museum der Kulturen di Basilea. 

The Path of Colour
For its fourth edition, Hermès Éditeur invited the artist Julio Le Parc, a major exponent of kinetic and optical art, to appropriate its emblematic silk scarf. A veritable hymn to colour, his proposition, Variations autour de La Longue Marche, resulted in an edition of ten series of six silk scarves, each one unique.

As Pierre-Alexis Dumas, who initiated Hermès Éditeur, points out, each encounter is a new and singular adventure. It was seeing the artist’s large solo show at the Palais de Tokyo in 2013 that made him want to meet Julio Le Parc. The score of small gouaches lined up along a picture wall particularly fascinated Dumas: “Those gouaches, done on squared paper, were incredibly fresh. I immediately thought of the way we experiment with colour in our printing workshops in Lyon.” The studies in question reflect an interest in colour that has marked the artist’s career ever since its beginning, in 1959. They represent the core of his work, the source of future developments and, in particular, the historical source of theVariations autour de La Longue Marche.

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