Il percorso creativo di Art Basel

Quest'anno sarà nell'area di  Klingental presso il Kaserne Basel is centro il progetto Percorsi di Art Basel, ecco le proposte:

Marina Abramović 
'The Airport', 1972 
Lisson Gallery 

Marc Bauer 
'The Architect', 2013 
Freymond-Guth Fine Arts 

Olaf Breuning 
'Just a misfit?', 2013 
Project in collaboration with the students of the Institute for Fashion Design Basel / FHNW, HGK Metro Pictures 

Tom Burr 
'Dressage', 2013 
Bortolami Gallery 

Michael Craig-Martin 
'Hammer (Blue)', 2011 
New Art Centre; Gagosian Gallery 

Lothar Hempel 
'Instrument (production sketch)', 2013 
Anton Kern Gallery; Stuart Shave / Modern Art 

Joep van Liefland 
'Video Palace #35 - Décor (2)', 2013 
Galerie Gebr. Lehmann 

Jill Magid 
'Der Trog', 2013 
Yvon Lambert 

Lisa Oppenheim 
'Smoke', 2013 
Evariste Richer 
'Avalanche (#2)', 2012 

Meessen De ClercqSterling Ruby 
'Stove', 2013 
Hauser & Wirth 

Michael Smith and Joshua White 
'The QuinQuag Arts and Wellness Centre Touring Exhibition: Artistic and Personal 
Growthin the Catskills Region', 2001 
Greene Naftali 

Valérie Snobeck 
'Mechanic of Fluid', 2012 
Simon Lee 

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané 
'Phasmides', 2009-2012 
Mendes Wood 

Danh Vo 
'Gustav's Wing', 2013 
Galerie Buchholz; Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie; Galerie Chantal Crousel; 
Marian Goodman Gallery 

Martin Walde 
'Choice', 1993-2013 
Galerie Krinzinger 

Artur Żmijewski 
'My Neighbours', 2009 
Peter Kilchmann; Foksal Gallery Foundation 

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