Fondation Carmignac in vacanza!

 Foto Eric Valli 

Cosa c'è di più bello che essere in vacanza in una stupenda isola e avere vicino una fantastica realtà artistica?

Finalmente un desiderio realizzato con la nuova iniziativa della Fondazione Carmignac che apriranno uno spazio nella suggestiva isola di Porquerolles nel mar Mediterraneo in fronte a Cannes. 

Foto Lionel Barbe


Fondation Carmignac, created in 2000 under the initiative of Édouard Carmignac, will open to the public in Porquerolles, a Mediterranean island often compared to a floating forest on the sea. Visitors will discover contemporary artworks of the Carmignac Collection in the beautiful surroundings of a national park, along with temporary exhibitions, a sculpture garden, and a rich programme of cultural events.

The island is not the result of a random decision: “ As in all legends or initiatory journeys, the voyage to the island is always a dual crossing – both physical and psychological.  It is about crossing over to the other side,” stated the Director of the foundation, Charles Carmignac.

Once on the island, the visitor will discover a Provençal farmhouse blended into the landscape.  Inside, the galleries expand to reveal 2,000 square meters of exhibition spaces. Natural light, filtered through a ceiling filled with water, illuminates the spaces hidden beneath the surface. Outside, a selection of works inspired by the surroundings is dispersed over a 15-hectare garden, conceived by landscape designer Louis Benech.