Are you sure you are free?


Are you sure you are free?
Philosophical investigations on Free will

Tutor: Matteo Cresti
Curated by Clara Madaro

TWO SEMINARS: 27/28 July – h. 18

c|o Fusion Art Gallery | Inaudita
Piazza Peyron, 9G, Torino, Italy

“Freedom. That’s the only possession an artist has — freedom to do whatever you can imagine.” - Philip Guston

Are you sure to be free? is a couple of seminars that investigates the free will by mean of philosophical tools. Matteo Cresti will guide us into one of the greatest philosophical troubles that we find deeply entangled with many other problematic concepts such as materialism, causality, action, mind, and good. The first reading group will be about the history of argumentative forms for/against free will. In the second reading group we will face the question about how the development of neurosciences might have an impact to the accounts of free will. 

If you are curious to discuss about these questions, write to ( and we will send you the texts for the seminar. 

NOTE: The seminar will be held in English.


FUSION AIR - ARBITRIUM RESIDENCY PROJECT, curated by Associazione Inaudita, hosts REBEKKA KRAFT (Germany), DANICA OLDERS (Canada), SILVI KADILLARI (Australia/Albania). Three artists interested in studying, analyzing, and researching the topic "FREE WILL" with the goal of producing a body of work, exhibition, catalogue/book and creating a network of exchange of knowledge. 
“Free Will” is a philosophical term that is referred to a particular “capacity” of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. Free will is a relevant topic for our life because it is connected with our values, desires, appetites, commitments and believes. In our routine we have the intuition to choose what we do and what we want, even if it is not always achievable, but in the end are we sure to be free? Seeing all our social, political, affective, psychological, neurobiological, physical constraints it could seem impossible to speak about free will but after all some questions continues to buzz in our heads. Do our restraints accomplish us from the responsibility of the choice? Is free will an issue that we are not able to eliminate from our experience even if it might be an illusion?
Clara Madaro (1989, Turin) is a Ph.D student in philosophy of mind, language, and cognition at Nord-Ovest Ph.D Consortium (FINO), where she is developing a project on the normativity and performativity of art institutions. 
She initiated and is a tutor of the cross-disciplinary program The art of photographing ideas within the Master of advanced training in contemporary image (Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Modena). She is the curator of exhibitions and public programs in network with different art institutions that are interested in exploration of the bonds between knowledge, display, everyday life and artistic research.

Matteo Cresti is a Ph.d Student in Ethics to Ph.d North-West Consortium (FINO)


INAUDITA is a non-profit association with an artistic and cultural aim.
Founded in 2017 in Turin by Barbara Fragogna, Francesca Vesco and Davies S. Zambotti in collaboration with Elena Carta with the purpose of promoting / supporting artistic production, curatorial practice and artistic / editorial research in both Italian and international contexts.
INAUDITA is the container of three cross disciplinary projects such as:

- FUSION ART GALLERY, since 2003 a Contemporary Art Gallery and since 2015 an Independent experimentation and research space;
- FUSION AIR - Artist-in-Residence Program, since 2015 in partnership with ResArtis and Residency Unlimited.
- EDIZIONI INAUDITE, an Artist-Run Publishing project born in October 2013 by the artist Barbara Fragogna's initiative and the collaboration of Claudia Di Giacomo and Elisa Ganivet;

INAUDITA collaborates and wants to interact with other realities, spaces, institutions present in the territory and beyond. Among the others it is part of the The Independent Project network of the MAXXI Foundation, COLLAcontemporary and NEsxT.

immagine di copertina: Tracey Emin, I Woke Up Wanting To Kiss You (2010)

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