Arte per tutti?

Arte è moda è sempre un approccio difficile spesso scade nel banalucci, ma ora il famoso Jeffrey Deitch, gallerista e curatore di fama internazionale, ci prova con il gruppo di moda giapponese Uniqlo, che per festeggiare i 10 anni di attività aprirà due temporary store a New York con manufatti artistici a prezzi "abbordabili".  

Art for All is a project that extends UNIQLO’s engagement with artists and accessible art products. Inspired by the artists Gilbert & George, who used the motto “Art for All” as their mission statement, the project documents the history of artists’ products and commissions new works from both artists who pioneered this medium and from an emerging artistic generation. 
On January 20, Art for All launches in our New York flagship stores with a historical display of the art products created by the artists involved with the seminal 1980 Times Square Show and other art democratization activities. There will also be new art product commissions, live screen-printing, and an artist lecture over the course of the Art for All program. The mission of Art for All is to present artworks at an accessible location and at affordable prices so that everyone can participate in the art discourse.

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