Haus Mödrath

Una grande nuova realtà espositiva aprirà in Germania alla fine di Aprile si tratta della "Haus Mödrath" . Un grande centro e punto di incontro per l'arte contemporanea, musica e cultura. Con più di 1.000 mq su quattro piani sono situati in un parco di oltre 75.000 mq.

Sollich Architects started planning and working on the restructuring of Haus Mödrath - Räume für Kunst ( in Kerpen, easily to be reached in the tri-city area of Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Aix-La-Chapelle, in early 2014. Haus Mödrath - Räume für Kunst will open to the public in April 2017 as a center and meeting point for contemporary art, music and culture. Its more than 1.000 sqm over four floors are situated in a park of more than 75.000 sqm.

The preparations for the first exhibition are well under way. Haus Mödrath - Räume für Kunst will open in April 2017 with the exhibition Aftermieter (Day Roomer), curated by Veit Loers. Quite a few of the about 20 participating international artists have visited Mödrath and are working on their ideas. The focus is on the house itself: civilization and domesticated nature. An abysmal transformation on many levels: from society to individual, from resident to artefact, from animalism to altruism, from artistic strategy to epiphany, from Günther Förg to Eva Kotátková, from Kris Lemsalu to Neil Beloufa – all the way from the cellar to the attic. Next to internationally renowned artists like Andreas Slominski, Michaela Eichwald, Georg Herold, Ed Atkins or Katja Novitskova there are new and re-discoveries like Ajay Kurian and Eric Bainbridge. Several site-specific works will be exclusively produced for this premiere.
Haus Mödrath - Räume für Kunst has a quite extraordinary history: When the manor house was built around 1830 it was mostly used privately, for residential purposes. The house was called Burg Mödrath (Mödrath Castle) vernacularly even though it never was one. It belonged to a village, which all but disappeared due to strip mining. The origin of the house is a mill that produced pigments dating back centuries. Haus Mödrath was the first electrified building in the whole district. Mrs. Stockhausen did give birth there to her son Karlheinz. More than a million people celebrated right next to Haus Mödrath together with the German Pope. It was self-evident to center the first exhibition of this Kunsthalle, which was founded out of civic engagement and without a collection, on the house itself and its surrounding park.

Opening week, Sunday April 23, 2017 till Saturday April 29, 2017, noon - 6 pm.

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