Keith Sonnier »Portal Series and Selected Early Works«

Häusler Contemporary Zürich is pleased to present works from Keith Sonnier’s new «Portal Series» together with selected early works that have rarely been shown in Europe. Our exhibition focuses on Sonnier’s examination of the relationship between sculpture and architectural space, and provides evidence of his creative engagement with a variety of different materials. These are the same parameters that have distinguished the artist’s work throughout his career and contributed to his position as a major Post Minimalist sculptor.

In Europe, Keith Sonnier is mainly known for his light works and installations. Thus it may come as a surprise that, in addition to recent and selected early light pieces, our exhibition includes sculptures made of wood and bamboo. in fact, these works seamlessly conform to Keith Sonnier’s very precise formal language, his examination of the sensual and emotional qualities of different material and his sculptural investigation of architectural space.

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