Apre a Londra Pharmacy 2

Segnale di stanchezza quando si tende a ripetersi e così pare anche per il geniale Damien Hirst che ora realizzato il suo spazio espositivo (Newport Street Galleryripropone al suo interno un ristorante copia del glorioso Pharmacy (giustamente ora nominato Pharmacy2) che dire speriamo che non ci siano solo minestrine! 

Opening in collaboration with Mark Hix, Pharmacy 2 is Damien Hirst’s new restaurant which launches at Newport Street Gallery on February 23rd 2016.
Pharmacy 2 serves classic British and European food, catering for visitors to the exhibitions during the day, and evening diners when the gallery is closed. The menu reflects Hix and Hirst’s shared passion for quality food made from fresh ingredients.
While Newport Street Gallery is the realisation of Hirst’s long-term ambition to share his art collection with the public, Pharmacy 2 gives visitors the opportunity to view some of Hirst’s own art. It features work from some of the artist's most iconic series including the Medicine Cabinets and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings.

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