Civic actions: artist' practices beyond the museum

Does a socially engaged practice inhibit artistic excellence? What is the curatorial role in front-end community consultation? What is the role of artists in urban and social planning processes?

Delving into these crucial questions, Civic Actions: Artists’ Practices Beyond the Museum focuses on the intersection of social and public projects, and the possibilities of art practice in public space. This essential conference is international in focus and features a diverse range of high-profile artists, curators, academics and cultural practitioners from Australia and around the world, all recognised as thought leaders in their field.

Civic Actions represents an important moment for artists and arts professionals working in the region to come together to analyse and reflect upon their work, as well as share best practices and develop ideas for the future.

The dual strategies of social and public art practice have been employed in substantial projects in Australia and internationally for years. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s C3West program is an exemplary model within this field, having produced a dozen major projects across Greater Sydney in less than a decade.

C3West continues its leadership role by bringing together its peers, national and international, in a context of collegiality, scholarship, debate and exchange. Featuring four keynote lectures, three panel discussions, and participatory workshops the Civic Actions conference will highlight issues of art, urban planning, architecture, culture and the future of Sydney.

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